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What Kids Like About the Ugly Duckling

The classic story of the Ugly Duckling has been created in Kindle format. You now have some new reading matter for your children. The story line is tied in with the images from the original comic book classic. Take a look at this kindle and discover what your kids will enjoy. Can your kids learn more about accepting other no matter what they look like? This story has many important ideas and lessons for your children to learn. Go now to the link above and check out the Amazon listing for this book.

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Author Joel Goulet's official web site

Multi-genre author Joel Goulet’s awarded website includes information about his many novels, a firefighters tribute page and much more. Novels in paperback and eBook formats in English only. The eBooks can be read on numerous reading devices including Nook and Kindle. Novels in the genres of suspense thriller, adventure, historical fiction, suspense action, western, science fiction. First chapter excerpts, and an award winning short story can be read on the site.

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My Own Chef Recipes

Whichever one you choose you can be confident that it will be cooked to perfection, regardless of your experience.Once you have tasted the difference in authentic cooking you won’t be wasting your wealth on ‘ready made’ packets or jars from the supermarket!

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